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The Foundation Chancellor Adenauer House carries out research on Konrad Adenauer and his time. It publishes documents from the Adenauer estate in an academically commented source edition (Rhöndorf Edition) and holds conferences on contemporary historical topics (Rhöndorf Talks). Other publications of various kinds, from academic anthologies to richly illustrated readers, deepen the understanding of the politics and personality of the founding Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Rhöndorf Edition

The scholarly edition is an indispensable basis for the source-based occupation with Konrad Adenauer and his politics.

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Rhöndorf Talks

The Rhöndorf Talks have contributed to research as a forum for dialogue on Konrad Adenauer and his time since the 1960s.

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Here you can find monographs, collected essays and illustrated volumes which have been published by or with the participation of the Foundation Chancellor Adenauer House.

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The latest from science


v.l.n.r.: Andreas Polzin, Holger Löttel, Christian-Matthias Dolff

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